Drum Chart: “Jump Up Super Star!” From Super Mario Odyssey

Posted on March 19, 2023

 Jump Up Super Star

About a month ago, Adam Neely released a video about The 8–Bit Big Band, so I figured it was a good time to share another Nintendo drum chart. Today is “Jump Up, Super Star!”, the centerpiece of the soundtrack to Super Mario Odyssey

Like many Nintendo games, the only soundtrack album out there is a four–disc set that was apparently released only in Japan, leading to some confusion around this song. 

There are two versions of “Jump Up Super Star!”: there’s the “festival” version, which is the one actually heard in the game — it has no definitive ending since it just loops until the player completes the level. And there’s the single version, which has a much different intro and a proper ending. I decided to chart this version.

This is a bombastic big band tune, complete with vocals. There are a lot of background figures — I included some that the drummer doesn’t catch, because the more the merrier I say!

“Jump Up, Super Star!” has a form that’s pretty easy to follow, and you should be able to pick out the chorus pretty easily. 

That’s all there is to say for this one; I’ll try and let the chart speak for itself. 

There’re at least two more tunes form this game I want to share, both of which are shorter practice loops. For this week I wanted to have something a bit moore ambitous ready, since it feels like I’ve been slacking.

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