Here’s a table of every bit of transcribing I’ve shared on the site. Click on the headers to sort by drummer, song, or artist. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Visit the tags page.

Drummer Song Band
John Bonham “Good Times Bad Times” Led Zeppelin
Mitch Mitchell “Little Wing” Jimi Hendrix
Steve Gadd “Aja” Steely Dan
Navene Koperweis “Odessa” Animals as Leaders
David Garibaldi “The Price” Tower of Power
Keith Moon “Behind Blue Eyes” The Who
Jeff Porcaro “Rosanna” Toto
Yoshinori Fukui “Early Summer” Ryo Fukui
Steve Smith “Separate Ways” Journey
Brian Evans “Story” Chon
Steve Gadd “Keep The Customer Satisfied” The Buddy Rich Big Band
Gregg Bisonette “Time Check” The Buddy Rich Big Band
Vinnie Colaiuta “Ya Gotta Try” The Buddy Rich Big Band
  “115” Kevin Sherwood
Jason McGerr “Grapevine Fires” Death Cab For Cutie
Dennis Chambers “Dancing Men” The Buddy Rich Big Band
Dave Weckl “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” The Buddy Rich Big Band
Louie Bellson “Wind Machine” The Buddy Rich Big Band
John Bonham “How Many More Times” Led Zeppelin
Jason McGerr “The New Year” Death Cab For Cutie
Makaya McCraven “Requests” Makaya McCraven
Travis Barker “Feeling This” Blink-182
Richard Kass “Hipsterminate” Thunkfish
Steve Gadd “Nite Sprite” Chick Corea
Mitch Mitchell “Hey Joe” Jimi Hendrix
Andrew Forsman “F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P.” The Fall of Troy
Tommy Igoe “Jazz Crimes” The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy
John Bonham “Rock and Roll” Led Zeppelin
Alex Rüdinger “Salt of the Earth” Good Tiger
Ray Luzier “Stars” KXM
Mitch Mitchell “Voodoo Chile” Jimi Hendrix
John Bonham “Ten Years Gone” Led Zeppelin
Travis Barker “Lycanthrope” +44
Tom Pitts “Aftermath” Rolo Tomassi
Charlie Watts “Midnight Rambler” The Rolling Stones
Keith Moon “Amazing Journey” The Who
Jack Bundrick “Jamie All Over” Mayday Parade
Patrick Hallahan “I Never Could Get Enough” My Morning Jacket
Jason McGerr “Cath...” Death Cab For Cutie
Patrick Hallahan “In Color” My Morning Jacket
  “No Return” Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker
Matt Tong “Like Eating Glass” Bloc Party
Nick Mason “The Nick Mason Fill Recipe” Pink Floyd
  “Cafo” Animals As Leaders
James Bradley, Jr. “The XIth Commandment” Chuck Mangione
Jarred Katz “Forget About It” The Dip
Will Champion “Glass of Water” Coldplay
Will Champion “Death and All His Friends” Coldplay
Brad Wilk “Vietnow” Rage Against the Machine
Vinnie Colaiuta “Voyager (Prelude & Liftoff)” Bill Meyers
David Garibaldi “Ebony Jam” Tower of Power
Patrick Hallahan “Dancefloors” My Morning Jacket
Jason “JT” Thomas “Take It!” Snarky Puppy
Jamison Ross “Take It!” Snarky Puppy
Larnell Lewis “Take It!” Snarky Puppy
Jason McGerr “Fragments From the Decade” Death Cab for Cutie
Benjamin Waterson “Take Me Back” Saint Vrain
Brain Evans “Perfect Pillow” Chon
Dave Mackintosh “Through the Fire and Flames” DragonForce
Art Taylor “Waltz for Sweet Cakes” Randy Weston
Joe Morello “Swanee River” The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Marco Minnemann “Get It Like That” The Aristocrats
Maciej Dzik “Rock Is Too Heavy” Owane
Yoshinori Fukui “Horizon” Ryo Fukui
Simon Phillips “Voice” Hiromi
Mike Clark “Actual Proof” Herbie Hancock
Matt Garstka “11 Nights” Plini
Simon Phillips “Flashback” Hiromi