Drum Chart: “The Incredits” from The Incredibles

Posted on November 1, 2020

 The Incredits Drum Chart Summary

We need to take a break from the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert because I have a special treat this week.

When The Incredibles 2 came out back in 2018, I gave the original a watch to get ready, and I totally forgot what a killer soundtrack the film has (courtesy of Michael Giacchino). It’s for that reason alone that The Incredibles is probably my favorite Pixar film, although I doubt I fully appreciated the score when I was younger. As a fun piece of trivia, this was actually Giacchino’s first Pixar collaboration. And what an effort.

The highlight of the soundtrack has to be “The Incredits”, the big number that plays during the end credits. When I rewatched the film, I knew had to drum along to the song, but it’s a bit more complicated than I had originally anticipated. So, in honor of the film’s 16th anniversary this upcoming Thursday, here I am to share a jazz band–style drum chart I made.

I took this as a fun educational opportunity, and I’ve spent a fair bit of time on this project. I’ve tried to include about every convention you would ever see in a drum chart, including techniques I personally would never use as an arranger — these are still good to be familiar with.

The tune is long and dynamic, with several sections. The main groove is obviously inspired by the Mission: Impossible theme, but in fact alternates between 5/4 and 6/4 riffs, with a brief interlude in 4/4. Then there’s a Latin–style section, a fast swing section, an orchestral passage, a funk passage, a driving rock movement, and then a reprise of the original theme. Whew!

I usually don’t do jazz band–style charts, because, for most big band tunes, there’s an official version out there; I don’t like to come up with my own interpretation when you can get access to the composer’s original. However, for something like this, there is no official publication (at least I’m certain there’s no official drum chart). So I get to do my own version.

I tend to make my transcriptions very neat, but for stuff like this, I try to get as much onto a single page as possible, finding a balance between efficiency and spruceness, because that’s how real drum charts work. I managed to get the chart down to only 4 pages, which was not easy for an 8–minute song. It makes me realize what an art form engraving really is, and how much I take for granted sheet music that is both legible and economic. I really think this chart is a work of art — just looking at it is a spectacle in its own right.

If you really want to challenge yourself, try sight reading along to it. For whatever reason, the official soundtrack album cuts out the Xylophone trill that’s heard in bar 1. However, that measure is included in the version from Disney/Pixar Greatest (Original Soundtrack). Not sure what the deal is there, but that’s the album I’ll link.

We’ll be back with Buddy Rich on the 22nd; I have a few more anniversaries I need to cover beforehand. It’s just as well; I was getting a little burned out with those tunes…

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