Syncopation System: Linear Triplet Fills

Posted on July 1, 2024

 syncopation linear triplets

I’ve really been plundering Syncopation for practice materials lately, and I’ve also really been enjoying my two pages of linear 16th fills. In that post I mentioned how I wasn’t sure which method I’d use to write linear triplet fills.

Since I shared my article about Syncopation in 6/8, I realized I have an answer: just turn the 6/8 rhythms into triplets and fill in the blanks again:

It’s just that easy folks.

I sticking with the strategy of using “Syncopation Set 2” (pages 34–37) as the ground work. Like my last two pages of linear fills, I highlighted the problematic ones with a red circle. (AKA the ones with triple and quadruple strokes on the kick, or ones that end with a kick double. If you’ve got a double pedal, go nuts.)

Again, starting with one measure phrases and then combining bars together is the preferred move. 

Download PDF.

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